What I’ve Learned about the Causes of Prostitution

Why does prostitution exist?

Before I began to learn more about the sex industry, some of my first answers would have been:

  • Poverty
  • Lack of social support
  • Lack of other viable opportunities
  • Low self-esteem

But the older me would like to speak with the younger me about this and explain that answers like these are actually addressing an entirely different question.
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The Back Pages: Women for Sale

The survival and advancement of the sex industry relies on certain messages, and this one underlies them all: it is normal and acceptable for men to rent the bodies of women.

Somehow, the idea of a man visiting a strip club or a massage parlour is something we take lightly, joke about, or even encourage amongst ourselves. Continue reading

Sketching the Sex Industry


Here it is: my first blog post!

Allow me to introduce myself. My given name is Suzanne. According to various baby name websites, this is the French version of the Hebrew name Shoshana, which means lily. This doesn’t really tell you anything about me, but maybe you’ll get a sense from my writing. Continue reading